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About Food 4 Thought

Food 4 Thought Gourmet commenced cooking classes throughout Perth and suburban areas in August 2007. We offer hands-on cooking classes and cooking demonstrations for private and corporate functions at the client’s own premises.

Participants are taught how to source the right ingredients, the best equipment and prepare delicious dishes. Then it is time to devour the scrumptious creations.

There are many different classes to choose from and we are happy to create a class that suits your individual requirements. For more information please follow the link to cooking classes.




Fiona Douglas is the face behind Food 4 Thought. She is a passionate cook who has worked within the food industry and at a Perth Gourmet Cooking School in previous years.

The inception of Food 4 Thought came from the desire to inspire people to cook and the recognition that many people are time poor and want to learn quick and easy ways to create wonderful food at home. This developed into the idea of having friends over for a “dinner party” where everyone does the cooking together, so that all those who come along not only have a wonderful time with their friends and enjoy some delicious food but also learn something!

For Fiona cooking is about bringing people together, sharing knowledge, having fun and eating some delicious creations. Classes are developed around that concept and also use readily available ingredients and equipment.

If you would like to make an inquiry or have any cooking questions please contact Fiona by clicking here.

The Blog

The blog was designed to put Fiona's passion for cooking into pages, to share recipes, experiences and photos from her humble kitchen, hopefully inspiring others to cook. Her work space is tiny, she doesn’t have a dishwasher, nor a digital SLR (her new dream machine - the Kitchen Aid box was ticked a few years ago). The photographic studio is her tiny kitchen table and the business's official (and very critical – in a good way) taste tester is her adoring partner, G.

So, take a look, use the recipes as inspiration, change them and make them your own. We'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment and tell us about your own culinary experiences and adventures.


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