Welcome to Food 4 Thought

Food 4 Thought Gourmet offers hands-on cooking classes and cooking demonstrations for private and corporate functions at the client’s own premises throughout Perth and suburban areas.

So how does it work? A group of people (minimum of six) get together at your home for a “dinner party”. Participants are taught how to source the right ingredients, the best equipment for each task and to prepare delicious dishes. Then it is time to devour the scrumptious creations.

You don’t need to have a designer kitchen or a large space, we will work with whatever you have. In fact, that is part of what we like to do, assist you with how to use your space and equipment to your advantage when you want to create wonderful food.

Our classes are also full of culinary tips and tricks along with helpful hints on how to potentially fix things when they go wrong in the kitchen. A free consultation with the host prior to the class will ensure your event provides you with the recipes you would like to learn and is full of fun.

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